Loop thread starting method

Loop starting method for cross stitching

When I learned cross-stitching many many years ago, I didn’t have much of Internet access and had to resort to books and stitching instructions on kits. Most of them said something along the lines, “Hold the thread on the back with your fingers and secure it with several crosses” or “Run the end of the new thread on the back of your stitching under an inch of already made stitches”. When this is definitely one way to do it, it is extremely time-consuming, uncomfortable, and in some cases not possible.

And then I discovered the loop method.

And believe me – it’s a real treat! Neat, clean, and fast – and only requires that you stitch with an even amont of threads (2 ply, 4 ply etc).

The loop method is very simple to grasp: just fold your thread in half, thread the needle with the loose ends (NOT the fold), and pull the needle on the backside through the loop after the first stitch.

The video explains it even better!

And how do you prefer to start your thread?