A Star Is Born temari

A Star Is Born temariThis temari is stitched only in swirls (with a bit of black wrapping around the center line). In the making this ball proved to be not quite as simple as I imagined it to be. The name, A Star Is Born, comes from the colors that start from black center (cosmos) and move on to orange dots (new stars) on poles.

Division: S12 (could be made on any simple division or actually without any division at all)

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The Khokhloma temari

Khokhloma temariThe idea and colors for this temari were inspired by and old Russian handicraft of Khokhloma. Red and gold flowers and fruits on the dark (black) background are the trademarks of this craft. Once nearly forgotten, now Khokhloma is in favor among Russian fashion designers like Denis Simachev.

Flowers on the mari are stitched with squares and rose garden pattern (overlaying squares), and lighter elements are my all-time favorite swirls.

More pictures in the gallery, check out the nice contrast this ball makes with my previous, Samarkand Sunrise temari. You’ll get to see some cat, too 🙂

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Valentine’s Day temari

A simple temari with two pink and red hearts can be a great gift for your loved one. I for example presented my husband with this particular one today 🙂

Temari with swirl hearts

The ball is marked into S4 division with an obi, and stitched mainly with swirls. Every heart consists of two swirls starting at it’s bottom point Continue reading “Valentine’s Day temari”

Samarkand sunrise temari

Samarkand Sunrise temari ball Blue, white and yellow patterns on this ball are very much alike Middle Eastern architecture and floral designs. Looking at it I think of Samarkand and it’s unique mausoleums and mosques. All that and a touch of silver created through my hands the Samarkand sunrise temari.

On this temari I used uwagake chidori and swirl stitches. The marking is done with a nearly invisible thin silver thread.

Basic temari patterns (masu, spindle, swirl)

A list of most commonly used temari patterns with names and how-to instructions in pictures.

0. Basic recommendations.

– Stitch on the ball itself, not on the marking thread
– Mark with keeper pins the points where you start stitching, but take the pins out after the first stitches are made. The pins can loosen the thread and damage the pattern.
– In most temari stitches you first go over the marking thread and then tuck under it and backwards.
– Remember to rotate the ball after every stitch (so that you always start a new stitch from the same angle/position).

! Marking thread on the pictures is drawn in yellow, while working thread is purple. Numbers indicate the sequence of stitches.

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Yellow swirl temari (cat inside)

Temari with a yellow swirl

A swirl is one of the advanced temari stitches (patterns). This green and yellow temari ball is made using only swirls (find a complete tutorial on temarikai.com). I really enjoyed making this one: the way the swirls develop with each stitch is nearly magical. Continue reading “Yellow swirl temari (cat inside)”