I’m here :)

Purple temari

Hey everybody, I hope you haven’t lost me. I’m here, though writing a bit less than usual. Here are some photos of what I have been up to in the last days.

Christmas ornament with a bullfinch on a branch of rowan

To be honest, this ornament is almost a month old. I made it for an ornament exchange on http://crossstitchforum.com/, but did not want to spoil the surprise until the recipient sees it. A couple of days ago it finally arrived to its destination, and I am free to post 🙂

Christmas ornament

Christmas ornament

New temari balls

Two brand new temari balls, the purple one was made for fun, and the Christmas green for a charity workshop scheduled for this Saturday (the proceeds will go to people who help stray cats).

Purple temari

Christmas temari

Yay! Temari certificate is finally here

Guest who almost screamed her head offseveral days ago right at the post office? Yes, that was me!

And the reason for this was my wonderful, beautiful, and long-awaited temari certificate straight from JTA (remember, I told you about a temari exam in June?). Many thanks to Ginny Thompson, my inspiration and my mentor on the temari path.

And here is the certificate itself:
Сертификат JTA

My temari are up for charity!

Mitsubane Kikkou temari

Hi everybody, this is a quick post with some important news that I want to share! Four of my temari balls are up for auction held by a Pret-a-Kote charity boutique. All proceeds will be used to help stray and rescued cats.

Khokhloma temari

If you’re curious, you can take a peek at the auction itself here: https://vk.com/meow_boutique_pretakote