Fus Ro Dah free pattern

Fus Ro Dah free cross stitch pattern by Happy Stitch

It seems that I’m making more and more of video game designs, both for my shop and as freebies. And then agian, why not? I sure hope that you enjoy stitching them, dear readers 🙂 Today’s freebie is the battle cry in dragon language from Elder Scrolls Skyrim, the Fus Ro Dah.

Fus Ro Dah free cross stitch pattern

Pattern size: 111 x 20 stitches
Size(s) on different canvas:
14 Count, 20.14 X 3.63 cm (could make a bookmark?)
18 Count, 15.66 X 2.82 cm

Fus Ro Dah free cross stitch pattern by Happy Stitch


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Dishonor on your cow!

Dishonor on your cow! Mulan quote free cross stitch pattern

Hi everybody, I hope you are having a great Friday! I skipped the Tuesday freebie this week, so my usual free design is instead posted today.

I wanted to make another rune (and actually almost made it), but then hesitated. Somehow today is the day to post something quite different 🙂 It is a famous quote from Disney’s Mulan, “Dishonor on your cow!” Mulan is my favourite princess, one of my favourite Disney movies – and this quote is so great and applicable.

Dishonor on your cow! Mulan quote

Isn’t Mushu hilarious? 🙂

I used a chinese-like font and a little figure of a dragon beneath the text – you can leave it out, if you like.

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Wasted (GTA inspired) cross stitch pattern

Wasted (GTA inspired) cross stitch pattern

Hello dear readers, and sorry for being away for several days. September began swiftly and brought lots of different projects into my life, including a stitchy square for Stitching out Stigma, an ornament for Christmas ornament exchange, a job offer, and an unexpected journey (yup, I feel almost like a Hobbit. Legs, too :)). On top of that me and my husband are trying to sell the current apartament and buy a new one. But I am still here, and so are the usual freebies. If there are any GTA fans out there, they will definitely like it!

Wasted (GTA inspired) mini cross stitch pattern

A simple mini project, that can be stitched in a night with only three colors (two, if you skip the background). And what a powerful message! 🙂 Any GTA video game fan knows that line.

Wasted (GTA inspired) cross stitch pattern

! Download free Wasted (GTA inspired) cross stitch pattern

Enjoy your stitching!

Always! – а Harry Potter tribute pattern

Always - free Harry Potter pattern

Hey all 🙂 I remember having promised to make some Meditteranean charts, but today it will be something quite different. While browsing Pinterest I ran into that iconic phrase from Harry Potter:
“After all this time?”
— “Always.”

It’s one of the best parts of the whole series, and one of the most magnificent love stories in it. So I decided to make my own little tribute to Severus Snape and his feelings for Lily Potter.

Always – free Harry Potter cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 83 x 84 stitches, 4 colors (you can use black instead of green, which is used only for doe’s eyes)

Always - free Harry Potter patternСегодняшняя схема – это цитата из книг о Гарри Поттере. Все любители серии, конечно же, вспомнят этот эпизод, который вошел и в фильмы тоже:

“Из кончика его палочки вырвалась серебряная лань, спрыгнула на пол, одним прыжком пересекла кабинет и вылетела в раскрытое окно. Дамблдор смотрел ей вслед. Когда серебряное свечение погасло, он обернулся к Снеггу, и глаза его были полны слёз.
— Через столько лет?
— Всегда, — ответил Снегг.”

Схема для вышивки “Всегда” (Лань)
Размер: 83 x 84 крестика, 4 цвета (используйте три, если не хотите выделять глаза лани зеленым – он нужен только для них)

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