Ume (plum) blossom temari

Ume blossom temari

This year me and my husband visited Japan during plum blooming season (March). Today’s temari is inspired by beautiful plum blossoms we’ve seen. It’s a free-form temari, though I used some classical types of stitches too.

Techniques used: uwagake chidori (flowers), spindle stitches (leaf, flower-bud), chain stitch (twigs). Marking: C8

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Samarkand sunrise temari

Samarkand Sunrise temari ball Blue, white and yellow patterns on this ball are very much alike Middle Eastern architecture and floral designs. Looking at it I think of Samarkand and it’s unique mausoleums and mosques. All that and a touch of silver created through my hands the Samarkand sunrise temari.

On this temari I used uwagake chidori and swirl stitches. The marking is done with a nearly invisible thin silver thread.