(Yet another) Maneki-neko cross stitch chart

Smiling maneki-neko cross stitch chart

Today I made another cross stitch pattern based on my own drawing (the previous being the Turtle Island pattern). It is another chart of Japanese lucky cat maneki-neko, that is said to bring fortune and happiness, as well as a bunch of other good things 🙂 With this pattern I wish luck to all of you, and hope that it will brighten your day! 🙂

Maneki-neko cross stitch chart
Stitch count: 84 X 95 stitches, 8 colors (appr. 15 x 17 cm on #14 canvas)

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Calico cat temari

As many of you already noticed, I love cats. Apart from having two cat-themed websites, I also make cross-stitch charts of cats and draw pictures of them. So recently I also made a cat temari. The pattern on this mari is purely original 🙂

Calico cat temari

In Japan it is widely believed, that calico cats (maneki neko) bring good luck and fortune. I hope that this little kitty will bring some luck my way 🙂 More images in the gallery: Continue reading “Calico cat temari”

Wedding couples in pixel art charts

Two small and simple wedding cross stitch patterns in pixel art style with bride in white and groom in black. First pattern uses only three colors, while the second uses four.

Both charts can be used for making a wedding postcard or a small decoration.

Two pixel art wedding couples

Stitch count: 27w x 40h stitches (1), 39w x 43h stitches (2)

Download Wedding couple in pixel art style (1)
Download Wedding couple in pixel art style (2)

The guardian cat cross stitch pattern

I saw this funny photo of a cat guarding his territory and instantly converted it into a small pattern. Ah yes, I love cats (as proven by all cat patterns I made 🙂 ) .
The guarding cat photo

I hope you will enjoy this pattern as well. It is small and simple and uses only black and white floss (try using canvas of different color to make it even more interesting). You can also stitch different text on the sign (anything from “I love cats” to “Hello world”), for your convenience I have included in the package a printable pattern with no text.

Stitch count: 73w x 59h, 2 colors

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Snow scenery cross stitch pattern

It’s winter again making the world outside my window quite cold and very snowy. And though the picture there is not idyllic in any way, I decided to put some additional joy into the holiday season. Today’s free cross stitch pattern is a snow scenery with big snow covered tree and a simple thatched cottage.

The pattern is moderately big and is not recommended for beginners.

Stitch count: 150 x 100, 28 colors
Snow scenery cross stitch pattern
Download free Snow scenery cross stitch pattern

Looking for Christmas cross stitch charts?
Christmas pack of cross stitch patterns
Christmas pack of small patterns – 2

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Neko Coneko cross stitch chart

A tribute to Azumanga Daioh anime series: two charts depicting Neko Coneko – white cat with a white kitten on its head. I made two versions of this chart – a bigger one (only cross stitches) and a smaller one (cross and back stitches).

Bigger neko-coneko:

> Download Neko Coneko cross stitch chart
Stitch count: 80W x 62H
Colors: 7
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Small Maneki-neko chart

A Maneki-neko (the “beckoning cat” or the “welcoming cat”, typically a Japanese bobtail with calico coat and a very short tail) is a traditional Japanese symbol of good luck. You can often see it in shop windows or restaurants. It is believed that the right paw in welcoming gesture welcomes people while the left paw welcomes wealth and good luck.

Stitch yourself a meowing good luck charm!

Stitch count: 60W x 90H
Colors: 6

! Download Maneki-neko cross stitch chart

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Traditional Russian church cross stitch chart

This pattern was inspired by a church in Rostov the Great – one of Russia’s small towns with long history. The church of the Savior on the Sands was build in 17th century and is a good example of Russian architecture of the period. I think that the chaste white walls of this church give a great impression of old Russian culture. They say that on the inside the church is decorated with beautiful paintings, but unfortunately tourists are not allowed in.

> Download The Savior on the Sands church pattern
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