I’m here :)

Purple temari

Hey everybody, I hope you haven’t lost me. I’m here, though writing a bit less than usual. Here are some photos of what I have been up to in the last days.

Christmas ornament with a bullfinch on a branch of rowan

To be honest, this ornament is almost a month old. I made it for an ornament exchange on http://crossstitchforum.com/, but did not want to spoil the surprise until the recipient sees it. A couple of days ago it finally arrived to its destination, and I am free to post 🙂

Christmas ornament

Christmas ornament

New temari balls

Two brand new temari balls, the purple one was made for fun, and the Christmas green for a charity workshop scheduled for this Saturday (the proceeds will go to people who help stray cats).

Purple temari

Christmas temari

WIP and (almost) a finish

Miniature trees cross stitch

Good news at last! Last week I finally completed the Vault dwellers couple for my sister. And it would be a post of pride if I hadn’t forgotten to make a photo 🙂 But I did, and as for now the finished work is being framed (not in detective stories kind of way) – so no photos until next week. Anyway, the whole picture looks great and I really hope that Katie will like it as much as I did 🙂

So this week I started something new. This is a pattern with different types of trees that I designed for my Etsy shop. Somehow I decided to stitch it first and post on Etsy after – no idea why. It is very small and I hope to use it for a postcard.

Progress so far:

Miniature trees stitching

WIP: Just one line of text left

Fallout Vault boy and girl - a wedding present

At this point I feel almost like a marathon runner. I never actually ran a marathon, but I imagine that at the end all athletes feel like “Come on, myself, hang on just a little bit longer…” That’s exactly my point in this Fallout project 🙂 As for now it looks like this:

Fallout Vault boy and girl - a wedding present

As you can see, the boy and girl are fully stitched, as is the date and the names of bride (my half-sister, in case anybody forgot) and the groom. There is only one thing left to stitch, and that is the line “Love never changes” underneath the couple.

Projects in progress and a wonderful finish by Alyssa

Fish Pond stitched by Alyssa http://brownieschair.blogspot.com/

I am a slow stitcher, and to tell you the truth, I haven’t stitched most of the patterns I designed. That’s why it is always a pleasure to see how these virtual patterns become real projects in skilled hands. Today I want to share a picture of my Fish Pond pattern, stitched by Alyssa from Brownie’s Chair.

Fish Pond stitched by Alyssa  http://brownieschair.blogspot.com/

More stitchy stuff on Alyssa’s blog: http://brownieschair.blogspot.com/ !

As for my own stitching, I had to stop working on Cats in the Kitchen (again!). It dawned at me that I should make something for my half-sister Katie’s wedding, so I made a pattern, bought all the supplies and have been stitching like crazy to make it on time.

It started out with a grid…
Work in progress: for Katie's wedding