Spring and autumn bookmark patterns

Spring bookmark free cross stitch pattern

Two bookmarks that I made today are continuing the theme of the patterns that I made a couple of weeks ago. This time it is spring, represented by sweet first flowers and autumn with red and gold leaves.

Both patterns are free for download and very easy to make. Choose any colors you like!

Spring and autumn bookmarks

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Hokusai Lilies free cross stitch pattern

Hokusai Lilies free cross stitch pattern by Happy Stitch

This is the third pattern that is based on the works of the great Japanese ukiyo-e master Katsushika Hokusai. But today I chose not the Fuji mountain view, but rather a beautiful still life picture of yellow lilies.

The pattern is not too big, and uses a very limited amount of colos, as well as only full cross stitches (no back stitches), so you can try to work with it even if you are not too experienced. 🙂

Hokusai Lilies free cross stitch pattern

Stitch count: 130 x 100 full cross stitches
Colors: 19 (18, if you decide to skip the blue background and work on a colord canves instead)

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Simple present cross stitch pattern

Simple present cross stitch pattern

Just a very simple pattern that was intended to, but did not fit in last week’s Jiji pattern. It’s so simple, that I decided not to make a usual zip-archive with different kinds of charts, but to put all information into one image 🙂

Present box with a red bow cross stitch chart

Simple present cross stitch pattern

Busy Bee alphabet sampler (cross stitch)

Busy Bee free cross stitch alphabet sampler

Have you noticed, that there is a new sub-category in the Patterns section of the blog? It’s called Alphabets, and if I started it, I should as well populate it 🙂 So here is a nice and simple alphabet in black and yellow, with some busy bees flying around the letters. The yellow patches on the letters represent honeycombs.

You can stitch it as a sampler, or use any letters (and bees) separately to make names or quotes.

Busy Bee alphabet sampler
Colors: black, yellow. Stitches used: full cross stitches, back stitches (bee wings)

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Vintage yellow iris chart

The iris tales its name from the Greek word for rainbow because of the many colors of different irises. There are around 300 species of this plant! Today’s chart is based on a beautiful vintage painting of a yellow Iris germanica, a very common garden flower. if you liked my Vintage peony chart, than you are sure to enjoy this one too!

The chart is relatively big and uses a lot of close colors, so I would recommend it for patient stitchers. Try using colored canvas to make the finished embroidery even more vintage!

Vintage yellow iris cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 103w x 207h stitches, 27 colors

Vintage yellow iris cross stitch chart

! Download Vintage yellow iris cross stitch chart

As always, this chart is free for download. And if you want to thank me for my work, like Happy Stitch on Facebook or Pinterest!

Did you know? In Greek mythology Iris was the messenger goddess, that linked gods and humans. She was the personification of rainbow (thus the name) and was often depicted as a winged young girl.

Simple squares temari

Simple squares temariThe pattern on this temari is called “Squares” and is one of the simplest patterns, always recommended as a good start for beginners.

I wanted to make it once more to check how much I have grown since making my first temari (it had the same pattern too). Oh well, it seems I still have a lot of heights to conquer 🙂

Note that the photos show different sides of the same ball.

Pepperoni pizza chart (+1)

Last week Debbie challenged me in comments to make a chart for a pepperoni pizza. Well, it proved to be quite an experience, mostly because working with pizza images made me extremely hungry… But in the end I got so exited that made two charts instead of one. Here they are, Debbie, and I hope you’ll like both!

Pepperoni pizza chart

Pepperoni pizza cross stitch pattern
Stitch count: 84w x 86h, 16 colors

Download pepperoni pizza cross stitch pattern

Oh, and you hope you don’t mind me throwing in a couple of olives 😉

Pizza slice chart

(I would like to say a big thank you to the anonymous author of the public domain image I converted into that pattern!)
Stitch count: 117w x 59h, 15 colors Continue reading “Pepperoni pizza chart (+1)”

Vintage apple and cherries cross stitch pattern

A nice piece for someone looking for Victorian decorative art cross stitch patterns. This chart is made from a nice vintage picture of an apple with red cherries, like the peony on previous week. Many thanks to maestro Giacomo Puccini and “La Boheme” for providing proper creative atmosphere 🙂

This chart is free to download (use the link under the picture), but I would recommend it only for experienced stitchers.

> Download Vintage apple and cherries cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 101W x 147H
Colors: 20

Tip! Looking for red cross stitch charts? Look for the tag “red” in the sidebar menu.