Very Viking SAL


A beautiful Stitchalong based on Norse Mythology! Join us in our mythological journey!


Very Viking SAL  has started on December 22, 2001 and will run until June 22, 2022.

The sampler style design is based on different characters and symbols from Norse Mythology, with the Yggdrasil – tree of life – in its center. The motifs will be released bi-weekly, and each one will be accompanied by a short story about its mythological origins ❤️

More technical info in the Very Viking SAL info sheet (PDF download)

  • Uploaded on 23.12.2021: The border
  • Uploaded on 05.01.2022: Part 1
  • Uploded on 19.01.2022: Part 2
  • Next release: 02.02.2022: Part 3

Compatible with Pattern Keeper!

What is a SAL?

A SAL (=Stitch A Long) is a design that several stitches work on simultaneously over a period of time.

The pattern is split into parts, and each part is released on a schedule. Upon purchase you will start receiving each part in your email inbox (if you join us later, you’ll be able to download all the parts you missed from this listing). You can also opt to join the VeryVikingSAL Instagram chat group if you would like to connect to other stitchers (me included) on the same journey!


If you are having any issues with SAL emails – please contact me via Instagram or website chat!

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