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This store and blog are dedicated to one of the most wonderful and ancient crafts in the world – cross stitching – in a contemporary and geeky way. I enjoy beong a geek and an artist immensely and as far as you’re here I hope so do you.

Who am I?  I’m Maria, long-term geek, mathematician by specialization, and artist at heart. I currently live in Tallinn, Estonia with my husband and my beautiful son Ian.My cat Pryanik isn’t with us anymore, but I’m a still bit of a cat-crazy lady!

Apart from cats and art, I love traveling around the world, reading, and good music (from classics to rock, and great thanks to Blackmore’s Night for helping me fall in love with my wonderful husband). My favorite cities are Singapore and Rome, how about you? I also like transforming chaos into structure in many different ways, though you would never believe it if you could look inside my wardrobe 🙂

Me in a medieval dress

I started making cross stitch designs for my personal use, but this hobby has grown to be into an important part of my life, and afterwords – this store that you are at now.

I really appreciate when you drop me a comment or two. You can inspire me for weeks with a couple of warm words 🙂

7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi! I Adore your patterns and would love to make some but every time I try to open them the file is not supported! Any Idea how I can fix this?

    1. Hello,
      All the downloadable files are for convinience compressed in .zip or .rar archives (usually an archive contains several different files). Can you see the contents of each archive you try to open? If the problem persists, just write me down the names of the patterns you like and I will send you an e-mail with patterns in viewable .pdf format 🙂

  2. I am trying to download your Semper Augustus tulip pattern but everytime I try op open it says the file is not supported. Would it be possible for you to send to me in an e-mail in .pdf format. My e-mail address is marianne@morgensen.net
    Thank you,

  3. I love the Halloween witch cross stitch pattern, but I do not have a printer. Is it possible for the pattern and floss guide to be mailed to me?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi there, Jeanie!
      Do you mean snail mail? I could definitely print out a copy and send it to you, if you are ready to waity (and wait, and wait, because Russian post in infamous for its slowness). Just send a message to my email zlayakoshka@gmail.com if that’s ok with you.

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