Video tutorial: Finishing embroidery hoops

Showing off your embroidery in a hoop is no surprise for the most stitchers, and there are as many ways of finishing a hoop as the are stitchers themselves. You can cover the hoop back with fabric, glue the excess canvas, or use cardboard paper – or use needle and thread and a piece of felt like I do. (Truth be told, I don’t mix well with glue, so trying another method would be a disaster!)

In the following videos I show how I finish my hoops step by step:

Step one: hiding the fabric edges

Step two (optional): lacing

I usually skip lacing for smaller hoops (up to 8 inches) and use it for bigger hoops and/or if the fabric is really stretchy to give the finished embroidery a tighter feel.

Step three: Stitching on the felt

I use blanket stitch in this step, but if you are somehow against it whip stitch will also work great.

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