Video tutorial: Finishing embroidery hoops

Showing off your embroidery in a hoop is no surprise for the most stitchers, and there are as many ways of finishing a hoop as the are stitchers themselves. You can cover the hoop back with fabric, glue the excess canvas, or use cardboard paper – or use needle and thread and a piece of felt like I do. (Truth be told, I don’t mix well with glue, so trying another method would be a disaster!)

In the following videos I show how I finish my hoops step by step:

Step one: hiding the fabric edges

Step two (optional): lacing

I usually skip lacing for smaller hoops (up to 8 inches) and use it for bigger hoops and/or if the fabric is really stretchy to give the finished embroidery a tighter feel.

Step three: Adding the felt

I use blanket stitch to secure the felt in this step, but if you are somehow against it – then whip stitch will also work great.

Loop thread starting method

Loop starting method for cross stitching

When I learned cross-stitching many many years ago, I didn’t have much of Internet access and had to resort to books and stitching instructions on kits. Most of them said something along the lines, “Hold the thread on the back with your fingers and secure it with several crosses” or “Run the end of the new thread on the back of your stitching under an inch of already made stitches”. When this is definitely one way to do it, it is extremely time-consuming, uncomfortable, and in some cases not possible.

And then I discovered the loop method.

And believe me – it’s a real treat! Neat, clean, and fast – and only requires that you stitch with an even amont of threads (2 ply, 4 ply etc).

The loop method is very simple to grasp: just fold your thread in half, thread the needle with the loose ends (NOT the fold), and pull the needle on the backside through the loop after the first stitch.

The video explains it even better!

And how do you prefer to start your thread?

Crafty Donuts

Frosted, sprinkled, glased or filled with cream – donuts are on top of my list of guilty pleasures. But it gets even better, when you can enjoy a donut and craft at the same time! Today I’ve rounded up a collection of awesome donut patterns and supplies that you can buy from different Etsy stores.

Snatch these items using the links below!

Crochet Donut pattern on Etsy

Let’s start with these cutest little crochetet donuts. I have forgotten how to crochet a loong time ago, but these really make my hands itch for a hook to try this pattern! Sprinkled donut crochet pattern by PinkyPinkyBlue

Donut Chunky Sprinkles Digital Printable Papers

Whatever the occasion, your scrapbook will definitely look tasty with these sprinkles! Printable papers are available as a digital download — Donut Chunky Sprinkles Digital Printable Papers by KlouiseDigiArt5

Donut Day Sock Kit

Aren’t these pasterls precious? The pack includes hand-dyed yarn, hand-sewn project bag, and an exclusive sock pattern – or you could opt for yarn only! Donut Day Sock Kit by KnitStitchYarn

Ring polymer clay stitch markers for knitting • Donuts

And while you are knitting your socks, how about sweetest tiny stitch markers to mark your progress? Donut polymer clay stitch markers by TaukinsBY

Watercolor Clipart Donut Sprinkles

Making some invitations or greeting cards? Try this watercolor donuts clipart pack! Watercolor Clipart Donut Sprinkles by CornerCroft

Mini Doughnut Pincushion PDF pattern

There is always place for another pincushion in your craft room, especially if it is a donut puncussion! Mini Doughnut Pincushion PDF pattern by BerryBirdy

Acrylic Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut Needle Minder

And my fellow cross stitchers have a chance to grab this frosted donut needleminder Acrylic Pink Frosted & Sprinkled Donut Needle Minder by JewelryFobs

Depressed Donut cross stitch pattern

Little depressed donut pattern from yours truly — Depressed Donut cross stitch pattern by QuaternionCreations

Cat and Donut Cotton Fabric

And the last, but not the least, on my list – this cutest fabric with donuts and cats! Cat and Donut Cotton Fabric by kjtwins

Enjoy your crafting!

“My battery is low and it’s getting dark”

Now who would have guessed that I could tear up upon hearing news from some
54.6 million kilometers away? But Opportunity the Mars Rover and her last words did make lots of people sad, me included.

So today I’m celebrating little persistent Oppy with this free design (scroll to see the link to PDF file). Enjoy!

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Nott the Brave free cross stitch pattern

Nott the Brave free cross stitch pattern

Today has been a great day: I managed to drop my wiggly toddler (WT) at his grandmothers house and found myself in the rare occasion of having a couple of free hours. At first I was running around trying to get my hands on every unfinished project in sight (lots and lots of those!), but then I felt SO VERY CREATIVE.

This little lady has been haunting me for some time now, especially after I saw her Cat Cosplay version. So today Happy Stitch proudly presents —

Nott the Brave

Nott the Brave free cross stitch pattern

Patther size: 43 X 48 Stitches, 9 colors
Approximate size:
Aida # 14 — 7.8 X 8.7 cm (3.1 x 3.4 ”)
Aida #16 — 6.8 X 7.6 cm (2.7 x 3 ”)

The pattern is free to download. You can either download this image (click to get the full size):

Nott the Brave free cross stitch pattern

or go for the PDF file with the chart: Nott the Brave free cross stitch pattern (PDF)

This design can also make a great magnet or keychain if stitched on a plastic canvas.

Rune Ingwaz cross stitch pattern

Ingwaz rune free cross stitch pattern by

Goood morning, ladies and gentlemen!

Here is something that many of you waited for for a loong long time – a new runic pattern. Today’s rune is Ingwaz, with the fig tree – enjoy!

Ingwaz rune free cross stitch pattern

Free download from the store, see link below: Continue reading “Rune Ingwaz cross stitch pattern”

Dream! A flying cat free pattern – and some words about my life

Dream on flying cat free cross stitch pattern

Hey everybody,

Did you miss me?

It seems that I haven’t posted for almost a year now. Did they tell you that life with a kid gets easier with time? Well, it’s not exactly true. Now I have a toddler on my hands (quite an active one), and oh how I miss those beautiful days when he had naps three times a day and went to bed at 6 am!

But then there is a bright side – I feel as creative as ever, and if I find just a handful of time, I create (and create, and create, and…. zzzzz……). There is a load of new designs in my Etsy shop, do check them out at !

One more new thing too. Soon all my designs featured on Etsy chill also be available to be purchased and downloaded directly from this blog. Wait for the official announcement!

And here is a freebie pattern for every cat lover out there 🙂

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“I love you” in binary code – finished stitching

I love you in binary code cross stitch project

Hey everyone! Guess who had had enough free evenings (four, to be exact) to finish a tiny project for Valentine’s day? That’s me! Since my little boy decided to go to bed really early, at 6 pm (and to wake at 5 am, but that is another story), I finally have some time to spend on stuff I like 🙂 Luckily that small design doesn’t need much.

I love you in binary code cross stitch project

The pattern can be found in my Etsy shop: . Be sure to use the coupon listed in shop’s description!

The colors are off, though, I could not find my stash because of moving from one flat to another, and just grabbed the available colors.

The stitching is mounted in a little wooden hoop.

Why there are no new posts ==>

Hello everybody,

In case you lost me and are wondering why am I not writing any posts, well, here is the reason:


His name is Ian, and on November, 16th he turned three months. And though I try really hard, there is no way I can squeeze work into our daily routine (they say it gets better with time – I sure hope so).

Anyway, I’m still reading comments and sometimes even have a minute to answer.

Love and kisses,

Home is where Mom is – a stitching by Alexandra

Home is where Mom is

Hi everybody,

Hope you were not troubled to much with my absence? Being utterly and completely pregnant, I had spent some months feeeling morning sickness just by looking at my laptop, set aside opening it 🙂 But hopefully I am through that period now – and back to stitching!

Mother’s Day is advancing on us, and Alexandra asked me to make a custom pattern for her Mom, featuring the phrase, Home is whre Mom is. She sent me a photo of her finished stitching, and it looks great, agree?

Home is where Mom is

I totally love the way it turned out.  Alexandra, thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

So if you, by any chance, stitched some of my patterns, don’t hesitate to send a photo – I would really enjoy seeing how they come to life, and sharing the photos with the rest of the world.