Hibiscus flowers cross stitch pattern

Hibiscus flowers free cross stitch pattern

Usually I post cross stitch freebies on Tuesdays, but yesterday was somewhat intense – and because of that I made a freebie today (and that is so not OCD, I’m really impressed by myself). Anyway, today I turned into a pattern this public domain image (sending my regards to the unknown author!) with beautiful Hibiscus flowers. It came out very light and easy, with less than ten colors of floss used.

Hibiscus flowers free cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 89 X 72 Stitches (appr 16 x 13 cm on #14 Aida), 7 colors

Hibiscus flowers free cross stitch pattern


Folk art flower cross stitch bookmark pattern

Flower bookmark Primitive art cross stitch pattern

A couple of weeks ago I posted a poll, asking all my readers about their favourite themes for cross stitching. Now I know that you like to cross stitch flowers :), therefore today’s freebie is flower. (And yes, I love flowers too!) It is a pattern that can be used for a bookmark or as a motif.

The flower is adapted from one of the 19th century folk artworks of John van Minian.

Primitive art flower cross stitch bookmark pattern
Pattern size: 30w X 151h stitches, 8 colors

Flower bookmark Primitive art cross stitch pattern

How to make a biscornu pincushion

How to make a Biscornu A biscornu (pronounced biss-core-new) is an eight-sided stuffed pincushion with French origins. The name literally means ‘two-horned’, though I found four horns on mine 🙂 It may look intricate and irregular, but in fact it’s really easy to make. This photo tutorial will guide through the process step by step.

Biscornu materialsMaterials. You will need:
– a square cross stitch pattern (or two if you want your biscornu to have different pictures on top and bottom). I found it easier to use motifs with even number of stitches.
– some canvas enough to stitch your pattern twice
– stuffing material (I used fiber pillow fill)
– a needle and colored thread for stitching How to make a Biscornu Бискорню – это небольшая игольница восьмиугольной формы. Хотя звучание и похоже, но к бисеру она отношения не имеет – в переводе с французского ее название обозначает “неровный, нескладный”, а дословно – “двурогий”. Несмотря на сложное название и удивительный вид, такая игольница делается очень просто.

Biscornu materialsМатериалы. Вам понадобятся:
– квадратная схема для вышивки (можно использовать разные схемы для верхней и нижней сторон бискорню)
– канва или ткань для основы
– материал для набивки (например, шерсть)
– иголка, ножницы, мулине – это можно было и не перечислять 🙂

Сделайте две квадратных вышивки. Если вы вышиваете разные рисунки, то очень важно чтобы вышивки получились одинакового размера (в крестиках). Continue reading “How to make a biscornu pincushion”